APC (Asymmetric Power Cruiser)

The Doyle APC has opened up a whole new realm of simple, fun-filled sailing with an easy to set and fly asymmetrical spinnaker.

The Design

The APC is designed specifically for the cruising sailor. It is slightly smaller in overall dimensions than the racing APR 90, but has the same attributes. The even entry allows easier trimming and stabilizes the sail. A flatter leech creates less backwind for better reaching. The longer luff gives the sail more drawing power, and gets more area out in front of the mainsail. This is very effective in the 100-130 degree apparent wind angles. The shorter leech allows the sail to be more easily trimmed on all points of sail. The APC is a stable, powerful sail that will improve your offwind performance. Its unique geometry, combined with an aerodynamic cross sectional shape, allows the sail to fly out away from the boat in undisturbed air. This applies more force on the boat and increases your downwind capability.

UPS (Utility Power Sail)

This sail is the link between headsails and spinnakers, with a wider usable wind range than either. It sets and furls on its own luff rope and furler. It cannot collapse like a Spinnaker. Effective wind range 33-180 degrees AWA. Triangles make very inefficient airfoils. Elliptical shapes reduce the energy robbing tip vortices. This is why aeroplane wings, propellers and even keels are always elliptical rather than triangular in form. It is also why high roach mains are so much more efficient than mains with little or no roach. The same is true for headsails. As a result, the racing rules limit or prohibit it.

When sailing hard on the wind the jib and main work almost as one, and thus the combined elliptical profile determines the aerodynamic efficiency. When eased off, or reaching, the sails act more independently and the geometry of each is critical to performance. The sail designers at Doyle have developed shaping techniques that support critical roach area in headsails without the need for battens so you can enjoy the efficiency of an elliptical form and have a sail that can be easily furled! Thus, not only does the Doyle UPS provide more area for light air and for off the wind sailing it provides much greater efficiency!

Please note that in racing, the spinnakers and Gennakers are mentioned in terms such as : A1, A2, A3,A4, A5 or S1,S2,S3,S4,S5. Also the terms masthead,vmg and runner is used. These terms are used according to the specific sail you use under specific contidions or rules. You can find out more about these Sails on our global website www.doylesails.com at the one design page.

  1. Symetical Spinnakers
  2. Asymetrical Spinnakers (Gennakers)
Asymetric Spinnakers:

The A1 VMG is a fuller design for better stability and performance down wind. The A1 VMG is for you if you have a stable, powerful boat and you want to improve reaching capability.

  • 85 - 165 AWA
  • 5 - 15 AWS
All Purpose A2

The All Purpose A2 is a full sized gennaker for sailing deep and is generally made out of light to medium spinnaker nylon.

  • 70-150 AWA
  • 12-22 AWS
All Purpose A3 Reacher

The All Purpose A3 Reacher is slightly flatter than the VMG and has less girth accordingly. It is to be used as an IMS/PHRF reacher. This sail is for you if you have a less stable boat that accelerates easily and want improved reaching capability.

  • 55 - 105 AWA
  • 3 - 20 AWS
Runner A4

The Runner is designed to be as stable as a symmetrical spinnaker yet incorporates a unique shape distribution that allows the sail to fly out to weather, away from the mainsail. This Runner is for you if you have a stable, powerful boat and you want to improve broad reaching to downwind capability. This is a heavy air broad reaching and running asymmetrical sails made in medium to heavy and specialist nylons.

  • 130 - 160 AWA
  • 10 - 25 AWS
Code Zero

The Code Zero is the smallest asymmetrical spinnaker allowed by the IMS rule. This is a specialty sail built out of high modulus materials for light air upwind and tight reaching. This sail will dramatically increase your performance at the lower end of the jib ranges.

  • 46-80 AWA
  • 0-14 AWS

Light air up wind and heavy air reaching.

Symetric Spinnakers:

This sail is designed to for tacking downwind in light air. The sail is designed with narrower girths in the upper portion and a leech profile that is symmetrical and flies closer to the rig.

  • 58 - 90 AWA
  • 0 - 7 AWS
  • 80-140 AWA
  • 12 AWS
AP / Reacher S3

AP skewed toward reaching

  • 55 - 105 AWA
  • 3 - 20 AWS
AP Runner S4

This sail is designed to get the boat downwind. It has the fullest girths a sail can fly with. The cross sectional shape of the sail is more elliptical, which increases the projected sail area while maintaining the spinnakers stability.

  • 120 - 180 AWA
  • 9 - 25 AWS
Reacher S5

Designed for pole on headstay 70 - 90 degrees

  • 70-90 AWA
  • AWS
Runner S6

Designed to be used on running legs in stronger winds.

  • AWA
  • 15+ AWS
Standard Features:
  • Choice of Colors
  • Luff Lines
  • Sail numbers
  • Sail Bags
  • Corner rings & webbing