Doyle’s Spinnaker Staysail is a specialty sail that is hoisted on reaching legs, when the apparent wind angle is between 80-135, and adds a large amount of sail area for no rating penalty. Set independently of any stay, the sail is tacked aft of the headstay and hoisted on a headsail halyard. Generally, the sail is constructed of high-modulus, Code-0 type cloth, and needs a high modulus luff line as well, as the sail flies independently of any stay. Combined with an independent furling system, the sail can be easily set and doused.


Flown inside running sails, spinnaker staysails provide additional horsepower and better control. Utilises a furler for ease of handling and available in panelled or Stratis construction.

Panelled Staysail (left) Stratis Staysail (right)

Recommended True Wind Angle: 125 – 160 degrees

Recommended True Wind Speed: 6 – 20 knots